Mistakes to Avoid With Your Corporate Relocation

  1. Getting blind-sided by not knowing the “universe”, or checklist of issues that must be addressed
  2. Delays caused by underestimating the timeframes required by each task in the checklist
  3. Running out of money because of inadequate budgeting up-front
  4. Running out of time by failing to delegate or ask for help
  5. Trying to do too much in-house to save money
  6. Hiring vendors too quickly or for low-price only
  7. Poor vendor performance caused by failure to identify the specific Scope of Work needed for each task
  8. Losing control by letting vendors manage the project for you
  9. Disastrous moving day coordination caused by lack of communication

10. And the most important mistake:

Providing adequate time for a thorough walkthrough allowing each moving vendor ample time to physically survey each item listed in Scope of Work

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